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This 4-6 hour course is conducted in the License To Carry classroom facility and at a local gun range. The course is designed for those familiar with firing a handgun.   The instruction is conducted using multimedia presentations and covers what you need to know about carrying a firearm in Texas. In accordance with the statutory requirements for the new license course, the following topics are covered: 

1. Application Process 
2. Lawful Carry & Prohibited Places to Carry
3. Interacting with Police When Carrying
4. License Administrative Issues
5. Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
6. Use of Lethal Force
7. Post Shooting Considerations
8. Safe Storage of Firearms Around Children
9. Firearms Safe Handling Procedures
10. Range Procedures and Safety
11. Course of Fire & Requirements
12. Exam 

The objective of the course is to ensure that each student is fully aware of the law concerning carrying a handgun, the use of deadly force and its consequences, the proper and safe way to use, store, and fire a handgun. 

Students will take a written multiple choice and True/False exam and must score 70% in order to pass the course. The shooting proficiency demonstration is a 50 round course of fire at a B27 target from a distance of 3, 7, and 15 yards. Students must score at least 175 of 250 points to pass the course.

The LTC course assumes that the student is proficient with a handgun. A handgun proficiency training class is offered if additional training is needed before attempting the proficiency course of fire.  If you have no idea what you are doing with a handgun, have never fired one before, and/or are unfamiliar with your handgun - take a Basic Handgun Class first!

Tips for Success:

1.  Bring a handgun that works!  Most students who fail the proficiency demonstration fail because they cannot keep their handgun running.  Understand it, clean it, and lubricate the handgun before the class.  If you don't know how to clear a malfunction - you aren't ready for the proficiency demonstration.

2.  Be honest with yourself.  You will have to load, handle, and fire accurately under time limitations.  You will have to do this safely and competently.  If you have no idea how to operate the handgun - you should learn before attempting the proficiency demonstration.  Take a Basic Handgun Class first!

3.  Remain calm.  If you know how to operate and fire your handgun, the proficiency demonstration is extremely easy.  

This private, 2.5-hour course is conducted at an outdoor gun range, and it focuses on the basics of handgun shooting techniques. An excellent "pre-course" for those wanting to get their license. Students will fire approximately 150 rounds with a semi-automatic handgun or revolver. It covers:

•  Safe Handling of Firearms 
•  Range Safety
•  Handgun Function
•  Loading, Unloading & Magazine Changes
•  Proper Stance and Grip
•  Sight Picture & Alignment
•  Clearing Jams & Handgun Malfunctions
•  Texas DPS Practice Course of Fire

Loaner handguns are available, or the student may bring their own handgun. Students will need 150 rounds of high quality ammunition, or with prior notification, the ammunition will be provided for the course at market prices. You pay only for the ammunition you shoot.

Private instruction at your residence or other place is available on request. All Private Instruction is conducted on an hourly basis with a minimum of 2 hours.  Please contact us for more information.

Remember the first rule of gunfighting ... have a gun.
                                                     - Colonel Jeff Cooper