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License Application Process
There are several required steps to obtain a Texas License To Carry. The following order is suggested by License To Carry and the Texas DPS. You are welcome to start by attending a class, and we will guide you through the rest of the process.

Step 1: Consult the GC §411.172 Eligibility section on page 4 of the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws OR this eligibility checklist to verify that you meet the eligibility requirements. License To Carry cannot legally provide advice on your eligibility. Seek the advice of an attorney if your eligibility is unclear.

Step 2: Submit the online application. Fees for the application submission are for the background check and funding the LTC program staff and administration. These are not the fees for your LTC classroom instruction. These fees are non-refundable and are usually $40.  Discounts are available for seniors, veterans, and can be found here.

Step 3: Your DPS application will be assigned a Trace Number. Use this trace number to schedule an appointment for electronic fingerprinting with L1 Identity. They have several locations throughout the Valley. If you have a valid Texas drivers license, Texas DPS will use your driver’s license photo if you don’t include a photo or if you include a photo that is not usable.

Step 4: Enroll in an available Texas LTC course session from the License To Carry website. Attend the required 4 hours of training, pass the written test, and the proficiency demonstration. The instructor will provide you a completed form LTC-100 indicating your attendance and whether you have passed the course.

Step 5: Mail the complete application package to the Texas DPS including all of the items on this check list:

• The bar coded application form sent to you in an email from the Texas DPS
• A copy of the receipt from your finger printing
• A signed copy of the Certificate of Training provided by the instructor to affirm you attended the training class and passed both the written test and range qualification
• Any other documents specifically requested by the Texas DPS such as proof of eligibility for discounts (senior citizen, active duty military and law enforcement, retired federal agent, etc.)

If you have any questions not covered in these steps you may wish to consult the DPS FAQ or contact us.

The time from submission to receiving your license will vary depending on the number of other submissions. If your application is complete and error free, you may receive your license in as little as 4 weeks. You may NOT carry a concealed firearm prior to receiving your license in the mail.

Should your application be missing any required information, you will receive written notice from the Texas DPS and have 90 days to submit the missing information.

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